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International digital marketing: Made easy


Companies looking to expand their business abroad face many challenges. Digital marketing is no exception. In this e-book we show you everything you need to know from a strategic point of view when planning an international digital marketing campaign.


The best tips to plan a successful international digital marketing campaign



Learn the economic barriers that your business will face when entering a foreign market.


Business resources

Figure out which resources your company needs in order to execute a successful international digital marketing campaign.


Personal data management

More and more countries are enacting personal data management regulations. Learn the risks associated with this.


Regulations and standards

Figure out which advertising rules and business standards are likely to apply to your business.


Cultural landscape

Understanding the cultural landscape of your target market is a must. Learn why this is so important.


Consumer behaviour

Identify the consumer behaviour of your foreign audience in order to better adjust your marketing message.



Why you should download this e-book & turn your international digital marketing into a success story:

  1. You will learn the steps to properly plan an international digital marketing campaign before starting with the operational work.
  2. You will understand the challenges and barriers that companies must overcome when doing international digital marketing.
  3. You will get some tools to help your company and marketing team prepare for their international excursion.
  4. You will learn to figure out how your foreign audience thinks and behaves in order to localize your marketing activities.
  5. You will learn from the success and mistakes of others with the help of multiple examples.

About the author

Nelson Rodrigues is Digital Marketing Consultant at morefire

Outside of his work as a digital consultant, Nelson is a Metal music fan and a true encyclopaedist. He has many interests including history, psychology and Business.


Nelson Rodrigues

Digital Marketing Consultant
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